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Immigration cases can be overwhelming and life-changing for individuals and families. Carrillo Davalos is notably qualified to handle immigration cases. Carrillo Davalos has the resources of 4 licensed Mexican attorneys that are part of their international branch in Mexico and coordinate all cases through Yazmin Carrillo in California. Immigration cases can be lengthy and expensive, but we feel a personal commitment to assist you or your loved ones in protecting your home in the United States.

When Managing Attorney, Rafael Carrillo, married his wife, Yazmin Carrillo, a Mexico native, they had difficulty finding a qualified immigration attorney in Stockton. This was not the first time Rafael had seen the difficulties presented while going through immigration procedures. Like Yazmin, Rafael’s parents also faced the challenges associated with the process of naturalization.

Recognizing a real need for qualified immigration attorneys, Rafael and Yazmin Carrillo developed their immigration practice to serve Stockton and the greater Central Valley area.

Carrillo Davalos has fought a wide range of immigration cases, including deportation orders, asylum applications, applications for permanent residency, and Visa applications, renewals, and extensions. Many people postpone the immigration process for fear of being deported. We understand your fear and hesitation and we are here to guide you through the immigration process. Contact Carrillo Davalos today for a free consultation. Let us get you on the road to citizenship.

How can I help my family member obtain status in the United States?

Family based immigration is very complicated. In some situations, you or a family member may be eligible to receive an immigration benefit; however, every situation is unique and should therefore be reviewed by an attorney.

I have a criminal record. Am I eligible for any immigration benefits?

A criminal record can affect your eligibility for an immigration benefit. United States conviction laws treat crimes differently than state laws. A consultation with a law firm that understands criminal and immigration laws may be necessary to determine any possible eligibility for an immigration benefit.

I am undocumented and was arrested by ICE, what are my rights?

You may have the right to have your case heard by an immigration judge. There are several ways an immigration attorney can seek relief to prevent you from being removed, but you must act quickly to preserve any rights you may have.