Terms & Conditions

Submission of the contact Form to Carrillo Davalos does not establish an Attorney-Client relationship. Only an in-person consultation followed by a signed written agreement by both potential client and an Attorney of Carrillo Davalos will establish such a relationship.

Do not submit time-sensitive documents or mail/email documents to Carrillo Davalos without the express notice and consent of an attorney of Carrillo Davalos. Any documents received without notice and consent cannot be accepted by Carrillo Davalos.

Potential clients are hereby advised that by submitting the contact form, a limited attorney-client privilege in potential clients’ information exists, protecting any disclosure. However, such a relationship is restricted solely to the purpose of consultation only. Carrillo Davalos reserves the right to review any and all submissions without accepting or establishing an attorney-client relationship. Carrillo Davalos further reserves the right to decline representation on any and all grounds pursuant to all applicable local, state, and federal laws.